Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Potato Rosti - Hey Hey, Donay Hay

The "Donna Hay Group" is back to cooking and this week, we made a side dish.  I selected it but had great doubts about it.

It sounded weird, the way it was put together, a bunch of potato strips (very thin), Parmesan and black pepper plus some olive oil.  This gets put on parchment paper on a baking sheet and is baked.  I thought, I was going to get something that falls apart but it didn't.  It stayed together and had a strong and most pleasant taste - real potato taste in a refined way.

At first, I peeled strips of potato and this got quite tedious.  Suddenly, I realized that the mandolin would  turn a chore into an "cinch" job.  In a little more than a minute, I had a nice pile of strips.  I mixed these with the remaining ingredients and put it in the oven for about 23 minutes.  (This means, I don't remember if it took 20 or 25.)

If you are a Donna Hay fan, please join us.  We are using her books and any recipe online for our choices.  The group is small so we get to visit each other and for me, also get inspired.  

We agreed not to share the recipes unless they are online.  The books are not that expensive and can be gotten for almost nothing on specific sites.  I think Margaret has the information for this.

Please check out my Donna buddies, Kayte, Margaret and Gaye and see what they have to share with you.
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  1. Hi Chaya, this was a great pick! Love how your rosti are golden brown on top. My poor old oven is not good at browning things on top, but I enjoyed this regardless.

  2. With Chanuka starting in just a few days, I'm looking for "baked" potato latke type recipes. This looks really good. I'm not familiar with the author.. How do I find the recipe ( what book or better yet, is it online)

  3. This was a good pick, Chaya. I used my mandolin as well. MUCH easier.


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