Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fried Rice - Wednesdays with Donna Hay

It is good that our Donna Hay pick for this week is Fried Rice.  I do have rice.  I must admit, my recipe, is different than the other gals because I was missing many of the ingredients and could not fit another shopping trip into my schedule.  This is Gaye's choice for November. The recipe is from Modern Classics Book I, page 148.

I had some dehydrated chili which I used for the heat in place of the real thing.  Since, I am attempting to use up the defrosted frozen veggies, I added corn, peas and carrots to my rice.  For the first time in years,  I used white rice in place of brown rice.  It is gloppier than brown rice but it was good.

We lost our power again for a few hours which is a little frightening.  With another storm on its way, I hope this is not a warning to get ready for the dark and cold again.  I do have to get to the store, just in case.

Check out my cooking buddies and see what they did with their soup.  Say hi to Kayte, Margaret and Gaye and see the results of their cooking.  Each of us enjoys Donna's recipes.  We have decided to use two of her books and of course, the website.  We have decided together, not to post the recipe in our blogs but we will link those up that are on Donna's website. 


  1. I like this dish. It sounds delicious with those good veggies. Here's hoping your power is fine. We lost ours for 5 days last summer, horrendous!

  2. I like your version with all the veggies. Adapt. That's what it's all about.

    Hope things improve your way.


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