Thursday, July 19, 2012

My direction?

Dear fellow bloggers,

I thought, I would take a post and ramble.  I have been looking back at the path of my blogs from the original Comfy Cook to Bizzy Bakes and My Sweet and Savory.  Have they gone where I intended them to?  Am I on the right track?  How can I grow as a blogger?

As food bloggers, I don't think, we stay static.  Whether, it is our aim to grow, I think we have to.  What questions do we ask ourselves to do a bit of self-evaluation?  Please add your own in the comments.  I am going to respond to mine and yours in a separate post, in order to have time, to give this some thought.  It is important for me and this is the time, I ask for suggestions, criticism and questions to answer.

My own questions:  (keep in mind, I am rambling.) (I was until I put in the pics.)

Am I a better cook?

Have I expanded my methods?

Have I added new foods to my list of what I use in the kitchen?
I hope not.

Has my photography improved?

Has the format of a recipe improved?  Am I clearer?

Is there humor included?

Should I have more giveaways?

Does My Meatless Mondays work?

What could I add to make this a more interesting and informative blog?

Do I bring forth a friendly blogger?

What is lacking?

Should I post more often or less often or do I have the right formula?

Oops, I have to get to the store so I can make dinner.  I will probably add more questions.  If you would like to answer any, I would appreciate this.  I am looking for criticism to improve so please jump in.  



  1. What a great post
    *have I expanded my methods- well I have over the last 5 years but since blogging this last several months I haven't shared anything really special- the food posts have been just what I have been cooking for us as of late.
    *have I added new foods- yes I have given up meat recently so I am trying new things... not bugs but arugula is new to me and tahini
    *has my photography improved - YES after I read this here is the link

    * Has the recipe format improved- I am working on this- linking pictures with steps and ingredients- I learn more visually so I think my posts are more visual which I hope is fine- it is what it is I like the pictures

    * humor??-- funny who me?? my sense of humor can be dry - I struggle with this IRL so this is a work in progress

    * more give aways- my blog is small yet= not monetized no giveaways no parties I am not opposed to that right now I am trying to put out there stuff that I love that is going on in my life and trying to balance real life- excercise- weight loss- cooking- cleaning all of it... it feels really out of balance

    * friendly blogger ? - well u met me LOL all the people I have met through my blog seem to be genuine friendly souls the I truly enjoy knowing.

    *What is lacking- in your blog I am not sure I haven't had much time in the last 24 to explore your blog- step away from the pinboard is my new mantra LOL.... what is lacking in mine I am not sure maybe at this point more consistancy- that is my current goal- sure hope u are not a grammer/english/spelling teacher lol

    That is about it for now my mind is calling for some relaxing pinning... step away from the pinboard be danged!!! lol
    Hugs R

  2. What a great idea to evaluate your blog. I really like Meatless Mondays. I'm not sure what it is that you want to accomplish , but I find lots of good recipes and ideas. I look forward to it every week.

  3. Hi Chaya, thanks for sharing this. I am new to blogging and your questions will really help me evaluate in the days ahead. I think you are doing a wonderful job of rallying all with your Recipe Box, and connecting bloggers through this blog hop. Blogging is essentially about sharing and learning from each other. Mich@Piece of Cake


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