Thursday, April 5, 2012

Passover Tidbits from My Home

Passover (Pesach) is a holiday that brings about some funny and interesting experiences.  Over the years, we have stored, in our memories, happenings of the holidays and the week before. I am not sure, you will see the humor, in these because, the Passover mentality stands alone.

I will start this with a cute little scenario from last night.  Yesterday, I put up huge pots of soup to be on hand throughout the holiday.  Figuring out the size containers was a challenge.  I had bought a new set, a few weeks ago, to make sure, I had enough.  When I started filling up the size designated for soup, I quickly filled these up, not even getting to the second pot.

My hubby reminded me that I had another box, packed away, so I went looking and found two brand new sets of containers.  I opened one and started again, putting away the soup.  I was thrilled to have this forgotten set to help me out, until I used all these up, as well.
Now, with the cooking just starting, all I have is lots of small containers to put everything.  My choice, open that last box or get by with plastic bags.   This is the dilemma to laugh at.  Either, I have too many or too few.  Which should it be?

I used to be driven when Pesach was coming closer.  I made the decision to have an attitude change.  Instead of looking at each job as a chore, I would look at it as a labor of love.  It worked.  I feel little pressure, these days.  I do understand why many do feel it, though.  My kids are adults so I don't have little ones crawling around my feet or needing a meal or a bath.  As a free agent, I picked my own time to do what was necessary.

This morning, rather than jumping into cooking, I organized my kitchen and after an hour's work, went in to cook and it felt good.  You would love the recipe hunting that goes on.  I take out all my Pesach cook books and check some online Passover sites.  I line up all the recipes and choose what is realistic to make.  Then I do whatever, I can to prepare.

  • Defrost meat for a few meals to be made ahead of time.

  • Chop and fry onions and peppers.  Store in refrigerator to be taken out when necessary.  It seems to me that happens a lot.  I buy few spices for the holiday so I am often using fried onions to give some flavor to the dishes.

  • Take out all bowls and pots that are going to be needed as well as knives, spoons, peelers, etc.

  • Set up work surfaces.  

  • Do big shoppings to eliminate the need to run to the store every hour.  (Spell check is telling me that there is no such word as shoppings.  It also insists there is no such word as blogger.)

Have you ever typed up a recipe and when you turn spell check on, you see red lines, all over your masterpiece.  I have.  Usually, none of the words are typed incorrectly.  It is the failing of spell check that does not know  that there are foodies and bloggers. It is interesting, I don't grade my students' papers with red pen because of the glaring appearance the paper has.  The kids feel deflated before they even read the comments on the page which are most likely, positive.
That is how I feel when I use spell check and it kind of tells me, I can't spell.  Of course, I can spell.  I used to win all the Spelling Bees.  What is wrong with it?  Brings back memories of my childhood and those spelling bees, standing there, so afraid, I would miss a word.  Where was the confidence, I should have?

I am wandering.  Let's leave this here and I will hopefully continue it.  I didn't get to the stories, I was talking about.


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