Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Passover Kitchen Items I Loved and I Missed

I found this on Chaya's Comfy Cook, dated as above, April 8, 2011.  It was interesting, for me, to read this and clarify my thinking, for this year.  I thought, you just might enjoy it, so I brought it over.  These are random thoughts.  If I add anything, I will put the words, in italics.

There are the items, I have, I love and wish I had throughout the year.  There are also items, I do not have and miss.
I miss my mandolin.  Something as simple as cutting those very thin slices is quite challenging.  A gadget, a simple gadget…..
I miss the numerous vegetable peelers I have, during the year.  I know, this is an item, that does not break the bank but for some reason, in the rush of changing over, there is no time, to pick them up.  I have one and there are times, three of us are attempting to peel and a knife does not work as well but it does work.   Now, I have several peelers including on really good one.  I am not missing peelers.  The reason, there is a need for so many is that we have a short time to prepare and we all peel together to make the time go by, more quickly.  I was going to keep all my peels to show you that I am not exaggerating but the fear of that big pile falling, made me change my mind.                                                                            
I miss our Keurig coffee maker.  I am a spoiled brat.  My hubby brews coffee.  I don’t.  I grab a cup of instant.  It does not compare to perked coffee. 
I do not miss the dishwasher.  Surprised?  Dishes shine when I do them by hand.  They are simply clean from the dishwasher.     
I definitely miss my microwave.  I use that a dozen times a day to save me time.  Often, we simply heat up a snack and eat it, in five minutes, and go on our way.  I guess not having it is good for losing weight.   We don’t usually have the time to wait for the oven to warm up and then to heat the item.  
I missed finding what I needed.  My flatware was on the other side of the sink.  By the time, I got used to that,  Passover was over and I had to relearn where my flatware is.
My pots and pans are either much older (40 years older) or almost new.  I love the new shiny pots that have not been stained, scratched or burnt.
I love whatever the new item is that I get for Passover.  This year, the immersion blender was a dream come true.  Fortunately, I have that for the year.
I miss the baking gadgets and pan shapes.  I usually use aluminum foil although I have a rectangular pan and a square one.  Keeping them pristine….no, not really.  
I love being limited to a small amount of cookbooks, some of them being worthless.  When I needed a recipe, there were basically three books to look at and as some of you realize, Tamar Ansh was the winner.  An old copy of a blue book, yep a blue book was second as a go to for recipes.  Of course, it has a name but I have always called it the blue book so the name has been erased from memory.  I should look though because it is an excellent book.  It is so easy to find what you want when you do not have piles of choices plus the Internet. 
During the year, I love having those choices but considering, we are discussing 51 weeks versus one week, it is probably clear why.  Who has the time, in one week, to sit down and enjoy looking for recipes?  During the year, I love comparing and selecting, the one that is right for us.
The bottom line is that I love Passover.
Now, it is time to………


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