Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Meatless Mondays - Blueberry Crumb(less) Muffins

I did not make the crumb topping but did put cinnamon sugar on top.
Speaking of weird experiences, (we weren't but it was a way to start), this was really weird for me and has gotten more so, as I follow up, on this recipe.  I made these, Friday afternoon, when in a hurry so I grabbed a bag of gluten-free flour mixture instead of making my own.  I had gotten a delivery, in the morning, and it was just sitting there, tempting me, to take advantage of the shortcut, so I did.

All went well, I mixed the ingredients to add to the flour, baking powder, salt, spices and liquids and happily I got it all, into my muffin tins.  Yeah, muffins on the way.  

My husband walked in and saw the mix bag, on the counter, and asked me, what I was using pizza mix for.......................

Do you know the twilight zone feeling (for those of you old enough to know what I am referring to)?  I was there.  My feet were on the floor but I felt completely disconnected.  What pizza mix was he talking about?  Who was using pizza mix?  What was his problem?  Men!

Then, I looked at the package which clearly said, "pizza mix" and was ready to shed a few tears.  I looked into the oven and there were muffins, growing and growing and I thought, my new baking mixture for cakes was going to be pizza mix.

Hubby and I waited for the muffins to be completed and sure enough, muffins, we had.  I thought they were huge but tonight, reading other people's blogs who have made the muffin, I discovered that one of the bakers made 18 muffins instead of 12.

Now, I want to know why there are mixes for pizza, for cakes, for muffins, for brownies and others.  I buy two kinds, the all-purpose which is basically the same as my own mix and the pizza mix.  The contents are different but frankly, I don't see that the difference is going to make much of a difference without the added yeast.

Tonight, we had pizza from the same mix and it was delicious.  It is also delicious in blueberry muffins, a good piece of information to remember.

Did I tell you the wonderful recipe is from Nick Malgieri and his book, the Modern Baker?  I baked it originally here for the Modern Baker Challenge. They are now baking cookies which I will be sharing in Bizzy Bakes.  I made my first tonight and will post it, later in the week.  You might want to join the Modern Baker Challenge.  You get to pick what recipes in a particular category, you want to bake.  There are so many good choices, I am not sure where to go next.  I am thinking of making some of the bar cookies.

Time to leave my Blueberry Pizza Muffins......

I can't wait to share some of last week's My Meatless Monday dishes.  There were so may good ones linked up.
Above - Sweet Potatoes, Curry and Quinoa from The Hypthyroid Athlete's Kitchen.  This is a complete meal in a bowl but we are making it our main dish and this is what we are serving with it.

Mustard Leaf Curry from Discover Lifestyle
Easy Weekend Pesto Pasta from Tales of the T's
Here is our bread for the meal. 
Banana Bran Honey Bread - from My Judy the Foodie

Now for dessert:
Is this beautiful enough for you.  I can imagine the taste.  This is from Annie's Home and is Layered Peppermint Cheesecake.

or, if you just want one cookie, here it is.
Yin Yang Cookies from Just Call Me Maria

I am full, just looking at all this good eating.  I am sure by Monday, I will be hungry again so please link up so I and all our wonderful readers will have lots of choices to select from and add to their own list of recipes.
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  1. Thanks for the "tip" on the GF pizza dough mix...guess it is just a baking mix if I don't add the I know.

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  4. Oh that's so funny, Chaya. :-) Crazy how things like that happen! So glad they turned out in spite of the mix-up. :-)

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  6. All the featured recipes sound wonderful, but I just had to mention the layered peppermint cheesecake! Wow, that is pretty! I've shared my version of Vegetarian Moussaka this week. Thank you for hosting, Chaya.

  7. The pesto pasta looks great, we love pesto and any easy dish. Thanks!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  8. Good Morning Chaya,
    Your Blueberry Muffins look delicious. I am sharing my Strawberry Jalapeno Muffins today. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week!
    Miz Helen

  9. Love the blueberry muffins and the cinnamon sugar idea was great! Thanks for hosting!

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  11. Thank you so much for featuring us!! We really appreciate it!! Thanks again!

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  13. Delicious looking blueberry muffins,thanks for hosting n have a wonderful week.

  14. I've totally had those moments where I use a totally wrong ingredient. usually for me, though, it doesn't turn out quite so well!

  15. Thanks for hosting this linky party! I love a theme! :) Your muffins look delicious, thanks for sharing with us.

  16. Thanks for the invite to link up :) I'm a huge fan of bb muffins...and the cinnamon topping sounds so yummy!

  17. These muffins look delicious as well! I do love blueberries! Thank you, also, for sharing this post with the Hearth and Soul hop.


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