Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Meatless Mondays

If your are linking up baked goods whether sweet or savory, please consider linking them to Bake with Bizzy.

I am still in the midst of cooking for more company which means, I need good recipes.  I don't like making what I have cooked before. Although, I know, we are not supposed to make new recipes, I tend to do this, most of the time.  I will be watching what you share carefully, hoping, I will be able to duplicate some of your delicious offerings.

First, let's see what we got last week.  This first one is a star.  I love the idea of zucchini pasta.  Mizuna and Sorrel Chimichurri and Zucchini Pasta from The Intentional Minimalist is my first pick, this week.

A new and unusual dessert is brought from Gloria of Canela Kitchen.  Gloria has the most interesting and delicious recipes and she does it again, here.

This is the perfect time of the year for pumpkin soup.  With the seasonings added, At Home with Rebekkah has given us warmth and love in her soup.

I am going to end with Mushrooms and Eggs from a Platter of Figs.  This appealed to me, the moment I saw the photo.  The egg belongs right in the middle.

In case you want to warm up with a drink, how about this Caramel Cinnamon Hot Chocolate from Little Mommy, Big Appetite.  I could drink one, now.

Your turn!  Please share with us as well as find new recipes, for yourselves.  Most of all, enjoy.


  1. Thank you SO much for featuring my hot chocolate! I am so honored and excited! Have a great week and thank you again!

  2. Happy Meatless Monday! I shared my Apple Pie recipe this week!

  3. HI,
    I shared my GF DF pizza crust and a video for making GF crepes as well as an article about the research conducted my the Rodale Institute about organic agriculture.

  4. Mmm, I want a big bowl of that wonderful pumpkin soup. :-) Have fun with your company!!

  5. Thank you for hosting and for featuring my mizuna-n-sorrel chimichurri on zucchini pasta recipe!

    This week I have shared the following seasonal farm-to-table recipes that promote the benefits of good health through nutrition from eating fresh unprocessed seasonal produce:

    raw breakfast six ways

    bioneers salad

    mung bean & pea shoot salad

    basil, turnip & quinoa salad

    Happy cooking!
    The Intentional Minimalist

  6. I'm so pleased you chose to feature my Pumpkin Pie Soup this week!! It is truly a heart warming soup. Thank you so much!

    I'm with you when it comes to wanting to prepare new dishes all the time. I have so many tried and true favorites but there's nothing like the thrill of learning a new and delicious dish!! Have a great week♥

  7. Thanks for hosting. I wanted to share this easy nutritious no bake dessert sweetened with honey.

  8. I would love some of that Cinnamon Hot Chocolate right about now! Thank you for hosting, Chaya!

  9. I'm sharing my Mushroom and Hazelnut Pot Pie and Aunt Glo's Spinach Salad. I also hopped on over to Bake With Bizzy and linked the Pot Pie to that site as well. Now I can sit back and browse through all of the great recipes :)

  10. Dear! Im so glad you feature my Avocado Ice cream with strawberry sauce, I think here we have yummy recipes always, I added my link of banana muffins with lemon icing, thanks so much, gloria


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