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My Meatless Mondays - April 11, 2011

For me, this is a big week.  It is the week that we turn over our kitchens, making them ready for Passover.  We have separate dishes, separate pots and pans and separate flatware.  We do not eat certain foods such as bread, cake, pasta and anything with any of the five grains, oat, wheat, spelt, rye and barley.  You might be surprised how many products have these items in them, in different forms that you would expect.

Besides this, many Jews do not eat beans, corn and rice.

Some of you may think this is limiting.  For our family, it is not a radical change since we do eat gluten-free all year.  Granted, we make major changes in our diet but it less than others.  This is a good time for anyone who has a gluten-free diet, buy some of the Passover products.  If they have matzah of any form in them, they are not gluten-free.  Check your stores and  you may just find items that are not available year-long.

This is the time of the year, we get more meat than usual, at the table.  All the festive meals call for meat.  Meat and wine are a sign of the celebration.  Two festive meals a day for five of the 8 days is a lot. 

I will be looking carefully at what you link here for ideas of what we can have without meat.  Please share your recipes and thoughts.

The recipe that got the most "looks", last week:

Black Beans and Sweet Potatoes from Creative Kitchen

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  1. Chaya, it's lovely to learn about the Passover customs - I really enjoy your posts about them. I will be interested in reading about what you cook for Passover too. Thank you for hosting My Meatless Mondays - I've brought a wonderful soup that is a great way to use up leftovers :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your Passover plans with us. You always write in such an interesting way about food.

  3. I love this meatless round-up! All linked up with a risotto and porcini mushroom recipe. Hope you can join my get-together going on until tonight too.

  4. I love the combination of sweet potatoes and black beans!

  5. I have a silly question, what is shrimp, is it meatless or is it meat, just sea-meat?:-)

  6. Thanks for sharing your Passover traditions and for hosting this linkup each week. I try to do a meatless meal at least once a week, and during lent twice a week.

  7. Thanks Chaya for including me in this great roundup! The black beans are next on my must try list!


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