Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What is in theTreasure Chest ?

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I saw this treasure chest and thought, it would be great filled with chocolate chip cookies, brownies, thumbprints, mini muffins and all the goodies, you love.  What was I making that would fill up this treasure chest?  Aha, my parsley-onion potato balls, little round globes of soft mashed potatoes filled with goodies to make a savory delight.  Now that I have completed making them and liking them, I can think of a number of variations, to help fill our treasure test.

What do I call these?  I don't like a summary of the ingredients for a title and Treasure Chest has no relevance to the food item. This is as close to a comfort food, as I can imagine.  It is has more than a tinge of spice but it is not too hot for my husband.  It looks suntanned since it browned both in the frying pan and then, in the oven.  Aha.  That is it.  Double Cooked Potatoes.  I hope that I can remember how I made these. 

Keeping in mind that my kitchen is a mess with piles of utensils and foodstuff all over.  You need a tracking device to fins the coffee.  Our method of turning our kitchen over (it means exactly that) is to empty our kitchen cabinets, making piles of stuff to be stored away for a little more than a week.

Then comes the cookware and miscellaneous items to replace the above.  Those get piled on the dining room table.  Until, these are put away, the place is a major challenge.  I need an organized kitchen and I probably won't get one, for a few days.

Double Cooked Potatoes


4 medium sized potatoes
1 onion
1/2 small green pepper
3 tablespoons soy flour (any kind of flour will do)
paprika to mix with soy flour (1/4 teaspoon)
2 tablespoons parsley
1 egg beater
Flour to coat with (2/3 cup)
oil to fry in
salt and pepper to taste


Peel potatoes and boil until soft enough to mash.
Mash potatoes.
Chop onion, green pepper and parsley into  fine pieces.  I used the food processor to get the right consistency .
Beat the vegetables into the mashed potatoes.
Add the flour and the egg beater or egg.

Add salt and pepper.
Make small round balls.  I used my small cookie scoop.  I love that scoop.  I use it for everything, almost.
Dip balls into flour until they are lightly coated.
Heat oil on stove.  I don't usually deep fry.  It probably would be more effective, if you did.
Fry briefly until slightly golden.  (I managed to burn a few which is why I made the decision to put them, in the oven. )
After saute, put on baking sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 16 minutes.
Eat them when they are hot.  They disappear quickly.


  1. I could see why it will disappear quickly because if I was there, I would have consumed 3 already hahaha... looks good Chaya!

  2. Ha ha ,i sure wouldn need a tracking device for these delicious delicacies.....
    THis one rocks...
    And i love ur treasure chest too...filled with all those fantastic goodies u talk about:-)))))

  3. these are almost like little croquettes! Love it!

  4. My family would probably like these (without the green pepper). I don't have a cookie scoop, but I think I need to get one.

  5. These look so delicious Chaya! Do you want to send them to the Showdown?

  6. Yum...this sounds sooo good! I'm printing the recipe right away!

  7. Chaya, these look scrumptious! Oh, my, how I want these!

  8. Heeeelllooooo there! Oh these look so good! I could easily pop a whole batch into my mouth, one at a time, and never notice I'm sure.


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