Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blast Off Burgers

If you remember, when I cooked the four meals from the chopped chicken and beef, I mentioned that the fourth meal was burgers.  I didn't want a plain burger; I wanted this burger to have personality.  I went through a list of many burgers from my past. 

I don't know how many of you have have relationships with your burgers but I do.  I rarely see them.  We love from the distance except in the summer when hubby grills them.  The rest of the year, I make them, in the house and if I do that a half dozen times, it is a lot.  So, you see my burgers are lonely and when I plan to revive them from the freezer or the store, I want to make it up to them with goodies.

My question is usually, "what are the goodies this time?"  First thought was make the kind with walnuts.  Nuts add something besides the crunchies.  There is a subtle flavor that only improves the burgers.  Usually, I put in both soy sauce and Worcestershire for that blast off flavor and it works every time.  As, I went down the list from barbecue sauce burgers to sweet and sour, I thought about the package of mushrooms, I had bought and the one potato, I had left from the stuffed potatoes, I had made and must share with you.  What a change of pace for us!

I ended up, using a little bit of this and a little bit of that and making a super good burger.  Since Hubby has celiac, we do not eat ours on buns so they have to really stand alone.  No condiments -  never ketchup.  Maybe, a slice of tomato or a pickle slice---nothing to ruin the pure taste. I think that this hamburger was well treated by me in our 6 time a year affair.  This is what I tempted him with.

Ingredients - made 6 small to medium size hamburgers

1 1/2 pounds chopped chicken
1 large potato mashed
4 button mushrooms, chopped
1/2 cup vegetable broth (part for pan and part for hamburger
1/2 small onion, chopped
1 1/2 Worcestershire sauce (could add a bit more)
2 tablespoons soy sauce (Both soy and  Worcestershire should be split in halves and used half for the pan and half for the hamburger)

Combine liquid ingredients, broth, soy sauce and Worcestershire and place one half of liquid in large skillet.

Just to show  you how I appreciate my immersion blender, I chopped the mushrooms and onions with it.
Combine potato, chopped vegetables and remaining liquid with the chopped chicken.  Mash together.  I am always afraid that the chopped chicken will not hold together but I think the mashed potato gives it enough body to make a good hamburger.  This one certainly held together beautifully.

Place hamburgers in the sauce in the pan.  Cook until both sides are brown but burgers are not completely cooked.  Remove from pan.  If your meat had little fat in it, pour the pan juices over the burgers in a baking pan.  If it is greasy, throw it out and either bake them, pouring some water with additional soy sauce over it.  You need just enough that your hamburger will continue to cook but not to dry out.  You might want to cover it.

Mine took about twenty minutes to cook through, at 350 degrees.  I like mine relatively well done.  Use your judgement  based on the doneness you like.

I am certainly not a burger connoisseur, eating burgers so infrequently, but I loved these.  Usually, getting me to eat one is filling, but this time, I could have eaten more than the two I demolished.

It is now time to take a vacation from my affair burgers.  I will be glad to share with you, the next time, we plan a get together.

Doesn't this look good and it is chicken?

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I sent thit to Tempt My Tummy. 


  1. Oh my dearest sweety answer i can sing 'always on my mind 2u'......all day long...coz to me ur really v special and a sweet buddy...everybody at home knows u now2....heheheheehe
    Ofcrz i thought of u in honour,jus that i wasnt sure coz i respect ur time and if me only run around (yeah i have to give up on sleep too topost many a times)can imagine...infact u notice there are only five names have written there so if ur game wanna so so so add u to my list...will be updating by tonight would be real honour for me to give u this one my sweet sweet dear buddy......

    And Dave,his grills are fantastic ...jus that i spend as muc time with my brand new ,first cannon digi cam,as i do with the food ,else his grills are way better....and he's fantastic......(psst psst...i knw nothn abt egos honestly....:-))) )

    Nothing i say to any1 is supposed to be an insult and all the more to u my sweet fren...never ever and even if by mistake i send u a bigggie winnie de pooh abracos(hugs) and catch up ears and with a few sit ups(and a big grins)say sorryy.....(yeah i am know to laugh way too muc.......)

  2. Chicken burgers? I've never tried it before. It sounds so juicy and succulent, i could feel it in my mouth haha!
    Thank you for your support CHaya... it's just the sweetest thing!

  3. That sounds really good. I never thought of adding potato to a burger. Yummy!

  4. Oh, yum! These sound delish! Never tried making chicken burgers either.

  5. This sounds utterly fabulous!! So satisfying and delicious.

  6. That sounds amazingly different and interesting and I absolutely want to try this recipe.

    I've never eaten a chicken burger.. yum :-) Thanks for linking up!

  7. I pretty much never make burgers in the winter. These sound interesting. I like the ground chicken idea and all the things you added. I would not have thought of mashed potato. Thanks for linking up.


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