Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meatless Mondays - Link up

I really should have written about this, earlier.  I joined Meatless Mondays, a while back.  I can't say that it is hard for us, to have meatless Mondays, since we do not eat much meat, in general.  It seems, in this day in age, that this is a healthy step as well as an economic one.

When I used to stop at the butchers and buy meat for two weeks, it meant, a roast, 2 - 4 chickens, family pack of chicken cutlets, family pack of chopped beef, chopped chicken, beef stew and pepper steak.  You can only imagine how many meat meals, we were eating.  The bill for all this was phenomenal.  Who wants to pay so much for meat?  Nowadays, I hardly buy meat and usually pick it up on the day, I am going to use it or the day before if I prepare it ahead of time.

This, actually, was a major change in our lives.  We started eating a lot more vegetables and I learned how much I really like them and that there is a great variety of ways to make them.  I am having fun following or making up recipes, to use, whatever is in the house.  No matter what it is, it gets thrown into the latest dish and it works.

Meatless Mondays has a site you can check out as well as a weekly mailing which arrives when?  Yep......on Mondays.  I thought, it would be good for me, to post our meatless meal, each Monday.  I am not promising but I am going to try.  I can't do that today.  All I had was a large, very large bowl of delicious tomato soup but it was not mine.  It was organic and came in a box.  It was, also, delicious.

If you would like to join in on the fun, I will put Mck Linky on the post and if you have some good meatless meals, link them up.  We can all benefit from some ideas and recipes to make them come true.  I can't MckLinky, right now but I will see if I can get it going, tomorrow.

If you pop over to their site, there are several areas of interest.  Recipes, videos, health news, bloggers who are involved.

I owe you a meatless recipe.  Do you think something chocolate would be acceptable?



  1. This is sweet,can i link my strawberry jam/jelly/preserve?but it aint a meal really na...

  2. LOL _ I think chocolate is more than acceptable! Meatless monday is a great idea. My husband has to have meat at every meal, but I prefer meatless most of the time. Can't wait to see what you cook up.

  3. We have added a meatless day to our week, as well as a fish day since January first (OK, go ahead and use the resolutions word). So far (three weeks), so good.

    One hint on the meat bill is to buy on sale only. Our grocery store has rotating sales that are very good. They are on a 6 week cycle, and everything (except seafood) is on sale once during that time, always at least half off.

    'It helps to get to know the butchers so you have advance notice, and it very much helps to have a seperate freezer (we bought ours at a garage sale 10 years ago for $20

  4. Have jus added my link dear Chaya,this is a fantasti idea.
    This Jan we have been eating a lot of sea food and veggies-grilled with a lemon rub herbs or jus lime or a peri peri masala-love grilled food!!!And the veggies go so well with sea
    But yeah we love our meats too and this is a brilliant idea to have a meatless monday...cheers Chaya-will be with u every monday as muc as possible ok....

  5. I love Meatless Mondays...Ezra Pound Cake has them and I always steal all her ideas for Meatless Fridays around here! I grew up Catholic (and am still Catholic) and we always were meatless on Fridays, so we continue that now. Your post makes a lot of sense!

  6. Something with chocolate always works for me, lol! :)

  7. Chocolate is always the way to go. Except in ice cream. I am particularly partial to vanilla ice cream.

    I am mostly meatless as well! It is RIDICULOUS how expensive meat is.

  8. The recipes I have been making lately are meatless. I've only made a few that have had meat. I think it's a great idea :)


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